Welcome to the ARXUS LTD. Our goal is to provide you with distinctive high quality pottery at competitive prices and unmatched customer service. We offer a diverse selection of designs and finishes from highly styled unique containers to basic good sense garden pots.

Sustainable Materials


It is made from recycled crushed stones. Production method is similar to synthetic marble stone, but key ingredient materials are inorganic materials without resin.

It looks same as real wood because the veins are made inside surface – not embossed or engrave like normal wood effect. Ingredient are completely inorganic, no resin. Our ECO WOOD can make any products – for example, furniture – not only planters. We are proud that our ECO WOOD is a sustainable material that can help to reduce wood exploitation.

It is made by geopolymer concrete which is one sustainable material. Its finish is glossy like ceramic glaze and strong. It is cured at 61oC, not 1200oC like ceramic. This helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission. This new material contributes significantly to the sustainable environment. 




Dinning Table

Coffee Table

Wicker Sofa